AI Ethics
- together with the development of Deep Learning and all forms of General AI research we need to advance the field of AI Ethics. To understand the moral, ethical, and philosophical impacts that artificial intelligence will have on society and also the effect society will have on our AI sentients. Amazing work in the field is already happening: a blueprint of a course in AI Ethics and the Ethical Things project by Matthieu Cherubini.

- I've been fascinated with language ever since I can remember. I am experimenting with Probabilistic Models of Cognition through a programming language called Church developed by AI researchers by Noah D. Goodman and Joshua B. Tenenbaum. I think we are in the process of inventing new types of language interfaces(even games) that will change how we interact between each other, within each other and with our future AIs.

Environmental Sustainability
- facinated by the concept of the Intelligent Biosphere developed by Drew Purves from Deep Mind. I believe technogy should bring the environment closer to people and not the other way around. I think we need better feedback loops to inspire people to realize their immediate impact on the environment.