Software as a Service that aims to increase efficiency in manufacturing production processes through monitoring of critical parameters and applying ML agorithms to forecast potential failures.

We found that HutGrip creates great value to equipment manufacturers, by providing them with more meaningful data, alarms, reporting and data analytics capabilities.

  • GigTank May-July 2013 - HutGrip was part of The GigTank accelerator program focussed on Smart Grid applications.
  • Launch Tennessee - After a statewide competition in August 2013, we became one of ten teams to get a $10,000 grant and join the LaunchTN Tenn program for high-growth potential companies.
  • We became Get In the Ring finalist with HutGrip in 2013 - a competition organized by the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, Global Entrepreneurship Week
  • I worked on a white paper about creating Software Intensive products in the industry

    Here's the abstract:
    The use of software in the Industry is becoming the competitive differentiator in new product development. Software has the ability to create new and better services and help people and machines achieve better KPIs. In the field of Industry Equipment Manufacturers, efficiency is king - for them and for their customers. The latest technological advancements can bring even more efficiency through utilizing integrated software platforms and complex data analytics. Using Statistics and Machine Learning algorithms to analyze data is the only way to bring the most value to the OEMs almost out-of-the-box. There are data analytics algorithms that can help at different levels of the software system. HutGrip’s solution provides a software infrastructure and data analytics focused in two key directions - forecasting in order to prevent potential costly failures and anomaly detection.

As one of two co-founders, my role combined both technical and business/customer development responsibilities.
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