Project Ordo

We take inspiration from history, biology, and AI to help train autonomous vehicles (AVs) to be safe and welcoming for the members of each community they enter. show more >>

Fair AI

Exploring the field of Fairness Accountability and Transperancy in Machine Learning algorithms show more >>

Shakespeare Coffee

Condition a Recurrent Neural Net on an abstract concept. For example, take a RNN language model trained on a specific corpus and see how the trained network will express an abstract concept such as ordering coffee depending on the corpus it has been trained on.

HutGrip Dashboard


Software as a Service that aims to increase efficiency in manufacturing production processes through monitoring of critical parameters and applying ML agorithms to forecast potential failures. show more >>

Hackidemia Workshop on building a weather station


A global network that designs workshops and kits enabling kids to use curiosity, play and empathy to solve global challenges while learning new skills. show more >>

Microworking from a mobile device

Healthcare and Microworking

Nanopops/Popcorn was a project about microworking from a mobile device. It was our team project work at Singularity University in 2012 show more >>

A software interface to program microcontrollers


A web-based Visual Designer that allows people with no technical background to program microcontrollers or other compatible hardware. show more >>

Internet Of Things workshops

IoT Workshops

Organizing Computer Science workshops in mobile, web and embedded development with the very diverse and unique Graduate Studies class at Singularity University in 2014 show more >>

Online multiplayer game

Green World

An online multiplayer game, to help children and grown ups learn the importance of recycling. It was an interactive virtual environment where children can group into teams and go through challenges while recycling rubbish correctly. show more >>